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Quick Review Of The Apple iOS 12

Quick Review Of The Apple iOS 12

The latest firmware of the mobile phone lineup of the Apple Inc. is known as the iOS 12. The Company unveiled this OS chapter WWDC 2018 keynote which was held on last 4th June to 8th June at San Jose in California. WWDC is an annual event w3hich all the Apple Developers get together at a one place. Currently; Apple is testing the 12th firmware through its initial beta testing.  So, here we would like to talk about this massive operating system in a brief manner.

Supportive issues of iOS 12

 This amazing OS chapter has such a broader compatibility with the large number of currently available iDevices. This OS has the capability of going ahead with the iPhone 5S and all the new iPhone models up to iPhone X. When considering the iPad mini models, iPad mini 2 and the iPad Air are the earliest models which are compatible with the 12th OS. If you are really eager to know about the compatibility issues of iPod Touch devices, sooner you will see that 6th generation iPod Touch is the oldest model of iPod Touch devices which has the compatibility with this newly released mobile operating system version.

Release date of iOS 12

 If you are a long-term iDevice user, then, of course, you might familiar with the earlier iOS chapter releases. Here, we would like to talk a bit about the last year release. Apple released the iOS 11 on last 19th September in 2017. In this year, the Company is going to release the Golden Master of the iOS 12 in upcoming September too.

Currently; the developer beta testing is going on. Paid Apple Developers have the chance to become a part of this beta testing for an annual membership of $99.

Key features of the iOS 12

 Though there are a lot new features are available on this novel firmware, here we would like to highlight a few of the mind-blowing features of them.

The company introduced the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature on their eleventh firmware. We are really happy to inform you all that this feature has been enhanced for a greater extent through this OS update.

Latest features like Memoji, Grouped notification, Group FaceTime, enhanced parental control, ARKit 2.0 and new digityal health features are available through the 12th firmware update.


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